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Lindbergh Foundation

Dedicated to "advancing the balance between nature and technology."  Contains many links that lead to historical information about the Lindberghs.

Smithsonian Institution

Home for the original Spirit of St Louis. Entering “Lindbergh” in the Collection Search Box will lead you to over 1200 Lindbergh related items.

Charles a  Lindbergh

 An American Aviator

A comprehensive web site dedicated to the memory of Charles Lindbergh while also attempting to preserve his dignity and document the history.


The Journal of The Airplane 1920-1940, brings you detailed information on the aircraft of the period known as the Golden Age of Aviation.

American Aviation Historical Society

A non-profit educational organization, its primary objective is the preservation and dissemination of the rich heritage of American aviation. 

Cradle of Aviation Museum

Its mission to inspire future generations through the exploration of air and space technologies. Lindbergh’s Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny” is here.

San Diego Air and Space Museum

Celebrate aviation and space flight history through preservation of significant artifacts, dynamic exhibits, and commemoration of those who forged aerospace history.

Minnesota Historical Society

The centerpiece of the Charles A. Lindbergh State Historic Site is the aviator's boyhood home, built on the banks of the Mississippi River in 1906.

Missouri Historical Society

Charles Lindbergh's personal Monocoupe airplane (Lambert Field), and more than 3,100 artifacts associated with his 1927 New York-to-Paris flight.

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