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On May 20,1927, Charles A. Lindbergh flew alone from Roosevelt Field, NY in a small single engine plane called the "Spirit of St. Louis", named for the city of his financial backers. 33 1/2 hours later he landed at Le Bourget field near Paris.


This first solo flight across the Atlantic captured the imagination of the American people with an enthusiasm never known before or since. In New York City, four million people lined the streets for his ticker tape parade. In the worldwide adulation that followed the flight, the Kings of Belgium and England, the President of France and Calvin Coolidge, the President of the United States honored him.


Thousands of gifts from all over the world were sent to Lindbergh, while novelty manufacturers turned out Lindbergh buttons, pins and other souvenir items by the millions.


The C.A.L/N-X-211 COLLECTORS SOCIETY is a group of people of all ages, who admire the accomplishment of the MAN and the MACHINE. They collect the treasured pieces of this historical memorabilia that help to memorialize the event and, in so doing, help to "Perpetuate the memory of the Man and the Machine". Our goal is to help renew interest in this event with current and up-coming generations and keep fiction from becoming fact and fact from becoming fiction.


The Society serves as a forum for all persons wishing to learn more about C.A.L (Charles A. Lindbergh) and his aircraft, licensed as N-X-211. Anyone wishing to learn more about the memorabilia associated with the flight from New York to Paris is invited to contact the Society.

Charles A. Lindbergh

“The Man and The Machine”

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